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NASDAQ OMX visit again India plans to set

Nasdaq OMX visit again India plans in Setpanc years by gradually scaling down its Indian operations, Nasdaq OMX trans-Atlantic exchange by opening a new office in Bangalore, India has definitely plan to visit again. Nasdaq OMX in 2009 after failing to make the most of its operations were wound down … = “nofollow” Ice The Hindu
Guy Gardner and his gang Earth ‘Red Lantern’ in on Rb, look out of the earth: Single Gardner return home. Former Green Lantern DC Comics cocky released on Wednesday, the Red Lantern No. 27 with his crew and new work returns to his home planet and features artwork Alessandro Vitti. Read more USA Today

Obama on Wednesday: Costco and steel plant One day after his State of the Union speech, President Obama is a Costco store in Maryland Pennsylvania, steel plant tour will follow Wednesday. Obama, Lanham submit comments on the economy on Wednesday morning at Costco … = “nofollow” Ice USA Today